* Maravillosooo, sencillamente maravilloso... Obliterated

"Mi nombre es Nicole

tengo ventipocos y soy escritora

Tengo una cosa para las tormentas

Me encantan la moda y la fotografía

Sé que cuando me sonrojo, pero tú no "

* Wonderful, just simply wonderful... Obliterated

"My name is Nicole

20 something and a writer

I have a thing for thunderstorms

I thrive on fashion and photography

I know when I'm blushing but you don't"

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Take my opinion
I cannot open the fucking website from this fucking popular republic due to the fucking censorship that takes good care of all of us, but from this pics seems really fucking cool, and the "I know when I'm blushing but you don't " it's really fuking hot, and I know you think the same,... right or not???

Issue the fucking ticket right now, I'm fed up with you!!
Hey man, you really like this blog. When you will arrive? I try to go to Barcelona before to see you at the end of January jumping and screaming in the Killers concert!!!!

Take care...

I already took good note of the website to check it when back to Europe.

I'll arrive to BCN on 22nd Dec until 11th Jan, but from there probably I'll be back and forth...maybe London, maybe Amsterdam, maybe Switzerland or Sweden to see the family. Who knows!!
Let's keep in touch.

I'll kick your fucking ass if I don't see you in stage in HK, ok?
Very soon evasèe 4.0 Stay tuned!
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